Our mission

We believe that everybody has to share the work on increasing the quality of life in Budapest. That's why we created a sharing application, which will lighten the load for everyone.

Car traffic is a neccessary part of a city's economy, an everyday part of the inhabitants' lives. Driving is an unavoidable element of a life of a metropolis. The simpler, the faster it works the better it is for everyone: pedestrians, city inhabitants and drivers alike.

How does Parkl increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of Budapest?

Parkl sets you free:

If there are less cars looking for parking spaces, more spaces are available for the locals around their own blocks.

Parkl increases the quality of breathable air:

Less drivers looking for free spots, less cars driving around.

Parkl makes driving faster, more comfortable and simpler for city people.

No more problems with looking for spaces, fighting with paying automats and fines given for five minute-delays.

Parkl means extra income for many enterprises, office buildings, hotels, residential buildings and parking garages in Budapest.

It is a new opportunity for many enterprises in the city to produce passive income.