About parking facilities

What kind of parking facilities can join the system?

Everyone can join who wants to get extra income from renting parking facilities or wants to increase the current utilization of existing parking places.

Can I register more than one parking spots?

Yes, it is possible to register more parking spots.

About registration

What info is needed to be able to register my parking spot into Parkl's system?

Registration takes several steps. You will need your contact details (e-mail, phone), data of the parking facility (exact location, photos of the venue) and billing details (tax number). The rest is taken care of by Parkl's personnel.

How can I make certain special features visible? (e.g. electric charger)

These details can be set up during the registration and can be modified later.

About money

How much money can I make from my parking space?

The calculator on will help you how much you can earn with Parkl.

How much does my Parkl partnership cost?

Joining Parkl means no costs for hosts, all devices necessary for the service are provided by us. We only charge a fee based on the amount of parking.

How do I receive my income?

Parkl transfers income to partners’ bank accounts monthly.

How do drivers pay for parking?

Users pay Parkl for completed parking sessions with their credit cards, which they linked during the registration process. A parking session starts at the time of arrival and lasts until the user’s car exits through the gate of the parking facility.

About parking

How am I notified about a parking?

Owners can see who is using their parking facility on the Parkl dashboard. Here they can see identify the driver based on their names and license plates.

Can I contact the driver in person?

Yes, in case of emergency, you can contact drivers through Parkl.

Can I use my own Parkl parking spots?

Yes. Simply deactivate them in the Parkl system and you’ll be able to park in your own spot.

What should I do if I suddenly need my Parkl parking spots?

Please contact Parkl when the need arises and we will sort out the problem.

Will the old system work after the installation of the Parkl system?

Yes, Parkl provides a parallel system which makes the gate openable from the Parkl app, but it is only an extra optional function.

Is it safe that strangers can enter my parking facility?

People registered in the Parkl system have to submit their names, contact details, license numbers, and credit card numbers, so it is highly unlikely that anyone would do any damage.